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Hi, I’m Mona Tavassoli

Mona Tavassoli

I am thrilled to welcome you to the Mompreneurs Family. I sincerely believe that having a successful business and a thriving family is not a zero-sum game with the right mindset and support group.

I am a serial Entrepreneur, the Founder of Mompreneurs Worldwide and mom to 2 gorgeous kids. I also host a podcast called You Can Have It All.

It took me years of study and research to find harmony in my life as a young mother and entrepreneur, and I have made it my mission to create a community of supportive like-minded female entrepreneurs and give you the tools to create the life and business you deserve without compromising on you or your family.

Looking forward to seeing you around the community!

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We Are Mompreneurs Worldwide

We are Mompreneurs

Mompreneurs Worldwide is founded on the vision that “Empowered Mothers Raise Empowered Leaders”, and therefore champions women’s empowerment through entrepreneurial education and mompreneurship to help members to find balance and success in their personal and professional lives. Read more

Mompreneurs Worldwide provides 3 key areas of support to mompreneurs across the globe. These include:

  • Education through our Signature Course: The Mompreneur Academy and our Membership:The Mompreneurs Tribe
  • Community through our membership and events
  • Promotion through a directory and social network.

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The main purpose of being a community is Impact

Our main purpose

At Mompreneurs Worldwide, we believe that Empowered Mothers Raise Empowered Leaders and we are on a mission to educate and empower mompreneurs from all around the world to live their lives with harmony and balance.

As part of our core values of Family, Harmony, Collaboration and Growth, Impact is a value that is very close to our hearts. We strongly believe that collectively, we are capable of changing the lives of many mothers around the world who can start their own businesses and provide for their families.

Soon we will be launching our Non Profit Organization, the Mompreneur Foundation, through which we will contribute to the lives of women who might not have the privileges we do; from women in prisons, to rural areas and the homeless. We are on a mission to work with organizations that support these groups, to teach them the skills of starting and running businesses and to see our world change, one mother at a time, one leader at a time.

Join our circle of Mompreneurs to improve your life and business while being a force for good, impacting the world and helping others.