How Does Social Media Impact Building A Personal Brand

By now, we know that social media isn’t just a tool to connect with your old college friends. Its expanded into a new realm of possibilities for corporate brands, personal brands, and advertisers. New features that seem to launch every month have made a brand’s ability to connect with their audience easier through a multitude of methods like stories, location tagging, shopping, and more.

So how can you leverage social media to build your brand? Let’s find out.

Showcase Your Personality with an Effective Strategy In Mind

Whether its Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, each of these social platforms enable you to grow online. Through an enormity of features, you can connect to your tribe better than you ever could before. And it doesn’t end at just posting a story on Instagram.

Think outside of the box.

Using a combination of the tools that social media platforms offer gives you leverage over your competition. Thinking about posting an Instagram story describing the rough day you just had? Well, why don’t you turn that rough day into a highly productive one.

Start with your Instagram story but don’t end it there – try directing your tribe members to your website’s blog to read all about the lessons you learned today and maybe include a link to subscribe to your email newsletter. Evaluate whether this content resonated with your tribe – check for any feedback including comments, direct messages, likes, and shares. If your story was a successful one, take it to the next level by creating a full video about your rough day and what you learned from it and share it on YouTube or Facebook.

Now, rinse and repeat.

Thinking about every way you can utilize your content to meet your tribe wherever they are on their journey will set your brand apart from all the other jazz on social media. It will also enable you to gain visitors to your website, reach more people on other social media platforms, and build your email list.

Expand Your Reach on Ideal Platforms

There’s no question about it: social media will inevitably help you expand your reach. But here is where you need to be a bit more strategic. Consider your ideal tribe members – are they seasoned CEOs, broke college students, or stay-at-home moms? Each of these groups is attracted to entirely different types of content and social media platforms.

So if you’re killing the game on Facebook, but your target audience is sales professionals, it might be time to transfer some of those efforts to LinkedIn, the top social media platform for business professionals. Trying out social platforms that are new to you might be a bit intimidating, I get it. But it will be worth your while to explore new audiences located just around the corner on another social media platform. After all, why would you leave your ideal tribe members without the wisdom they need from thought leaders like yourself?

Drive Engagement to Your Website

While you might be getting more likes and comments than you ever have before, are you turning those individuals into owned audience members?

You might be thinking: Whoa whoa, Veronica, what is an owned audience member?

It’s simple – your owned audience includes people who sign up on your website with their information. When a website visitor, for example, signs up to receive your email newsletter, you now own that information and you can use to connect with them in even more ways – driving engagement to your live videos, webinars, product launches, and so much more!

No Strategy is The Same

What works for you might not work for everyone and that’s okay. Your audience is different from everyone else’s, so your success will look different than everyone else’s. Understand that your efforts aren’t going unnoticed and make sure you don’t compare your brand to anyone else’s – because your brand is unique to you.

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