Ruqya Khan

I am a mum who is driven by the intention to show her children that status quo is not an acceptable place to be. When most women hang their boots is when I chose to wear my career shoes. My son was eight months old and my daughter had just started school. I wanted to do more in life than diapers and dishes. Today, I am an internationally recognised change maker. I have done a TEDx talk on “The Art of Possibility” in 2016 and I am an authority on mindset training. It has been almost 7 years now since I started catalyzing shifts and breakthroughs. As a life coach who has been working with words since more than 19 years now, I understand the importance of communication and what we say to ourselves. A mindset of growth governs not just the roles we play at work but also in life at large. I do 121 coaching and also one to many workshops at schools, universities and for corporate teams. My sessions are delivered in a fun and interactive format using the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming to impactfully convey the content. Sessions address subconscious limiting beliefs and disrupted pursuits of happiness. They encourage self awareness, effective communication skills and improved outlook on life & it’s possibilities. Most of us live in a world where there is a gap between what we have and what we want. Bridging this gap is possible when we step inside instead of seeking outside. My S.M.I.L.E. strategy is not about happiness or motivation. It is a mindset tool that I anchor seamlessly with an expression of joy and acceptance.

Industry: Life Coaching Motivational Speaking Media

About My Company:
My enterprises is a consultancy that offers life coaching as 121 and one to many. I do private consultations along with workshops at schools, universities and for corporate teams. The vision is to build in the community effective skills of communication so that people benefit from better relationships, improved utilisation of time & resources plus a growing enthusiasm for life and its possibilities.




What I am good at:
I am great with words – I’ve been a freelance writer and editor since more than 19 years now. Plus it’s been 7 years since I went on a journey of self development to become a lie coach and a motivational speaker. I title myself as a S.M.I.L.E. Strategist because my content for the 121 sessions and mindset training workshops is founded on the acronym I coined for SMILE. The tool works flawlessly toward building acceptance and resilience for all that life has to give us as experiences – good, bad and the likes!!

What I am looking for:
Opportunities to serve as a S.M.I.L.E. Strategist – 121 or one to many!

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