Rasheda Khatun Khan

A passionate, driven and inspiring parent, wife and woman. On a mission to help others reach and collect moments of pure fulfillment in every area of their lives. From being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given 6 weeks to live in 2006 to today, I have learnt what really matters in the end. I took a deep dive into human capacity, our minds and our bodies and now know how to heal from physical and emotional pain to also thrive and swim in real richness. My mantra, live the life you love and celebrate everyday.

Company Name: Design Your Life

Industry: Wealth & Wellness Education

About My Company:
We do: Corporate wellness workshops on Financial Wellness, Using your Mind & Raising your Energy and Vitality.
1:2:1 Coaching sessions on all things money
1:2:1 business coaching sessions on getting your money plan right
1:2:1 kinesiology sessions to remove money and abundance blocks Keynotes & Seminars Online courses on Financial Wellness

Website: designyourlifeme.com | rashedakhatun.com




What I am good at:
Creating workshops, Inspiring others, Simplifying money and finance, Speaking and training.

What I am looking for:
Owners / HR Directors who handle employee wellness looking to excel in people performance. Individuals who want to experience more joy, excel in their lives and are ready to take action in areas they normally avoided. Partners / Investors / Collaborators to launch our online platform and products.

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