Mariam Alkassab

I know what my life purpose is and I have a plan that has to be executed, I know the how, I have mastered the game, I know the why, I feel it in my heart 100% that it will happen, I know the when and that is now, I just need to connect the dots…. I love life I love people…little people especially I love the outdoors I love books And I love to travel.

Company Name: Kidz Venture Edutainment Company

Industry: Education

About My Company:
Enriching and Nurturing young minds.




What I am good at:
Creating beautiful space for children to grow, evolve, feel safe and be happy.

What I am looking for:
I feel that I am stuck in reverse, I need to get out of my conscious mind, it’s killing me…. I need to focus on today and tomorrow only. I am looking to figure out how to forgive myself for all of unforgivable mistakes I have made.

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