Maintaining a Healthy Gut

Gut health is the most important measure in preventing disease and highest micronutrient absorption. Because if the digestive system gets compromised from stress and other toxins this unleashes unhealthy bacteria to flourish. In turn this causes hormone dysregulation, fatigue and greater risk to disease. To boost the most absorption of healthy nutrients from food, you need to consume the easily digested foods first and bust overeating habit by not mixing tastes, textures and variety. That’s how the fast food industry assures you continuously consume more and more of their products. A Big Mac for example has the bun, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, ketchup, meat and pickles. Now, couple that with a soft drink and fries and you’ve fallen into their addictive trap. You see, mixing texture, taste and variety triggers your brain to eat more. After eating a mixed meal will trigger your appetite to want dessert and so on goes the cycle of cravings and overeating habits. These fast food and processed food companies know this and leverage this when creating their products. Cereals for example have all additives and flavours that induces appetite plus the most amount of sugar as an added addictive and increased appetite ingredient. So, the best way to decrease appetite and improve digestion while absorbing the full nutrients in your food is to eat the most digestible food first like salads, then proteins and last would be carbohydrates. Let’s take an American meal for example. You have the salad, meat and potatoes. Instead of eating a little bit of each item. You would start with the salad as it’s the easiest digestible and benefiting from the maximized nutrients absorbed. Then eat the meat/protein and the carbs/potatoes would be last. Hopefully before getting to the potatoes you’ll be full or won’t eat as much from it. Just doing this hack alone will tremendously reduce your caloric intake and be full for the longest period of time while benefiting from the most nutrients absorbed from your meal. 

If you have gut issues you will probably have some brain issues as well. Because the brain and gut are so intimately connected. Most of the Serotonin (happy chemicals) is produced in the gut. According to Harvard medical school experts that tummy troubles can be the cause of, or the result of anxiety, stress or depression. A one step solution to maximize gut health is unique fermented vegetables, natural organic keefer, organic grass-fed yogurt, Greek yogurt or Amosi fermented beverage. The healthy bacteria that forms from these cultured items are very helpful in populating the healthy bacteria colonies within your gut which will overpower the unhealthy bacteria (candida) within your body. If you want some easy, inexpensive recipes to make these fermented foods yourself please email me and I will send a recipe book.

Just like being careful with the toxins you allow in your bodies, you need to review the essential nutrients that get depleted due to medications. I’m not telling anyone to stop their medication, but to be aware and to replenish those essential nutrients that get depleted because of taking certain medications.


By Dr. Hanan Selim


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