Louisa Burden

Louisa Burden is the founder of #iheartME in Dubai, UAE. She is the mom of two. We had the pleasure of sitting down with her to learn more about her business and her personal life. Read the full story here:

Mompreneurs WW: Tell us about your company

Louisa: It is a company dedicate to teen girls to teach them, in a safe environment, the fundamentals about selfcare, deportment and social graces in the effort to build their confidence and boost their self-esteem. Here they will learn the “why” before the “how” of how to look after themselves and how they can feel more empowered by knowing that self-love and acceptance is the most important attribute.

Mompreneurs WW: How did the idea of starting it come about and who inspired you?

Louisa: I love to help and give. I’m a huge addict of laughter and love to make people feel good about themselves. The idea honestly just popped up when I self-searched for what would make me feel fulfilled. My passion lies in beauty therapy and I one day noticed teenagers and thought, after I googled “teenagers” (I love Google) I felt that I want to teach them to get to know themselves through the art of selfcare. I will always remember my grandmother – you could pull her through a ring, she was my Cleopatra, my Coco Chanel, my Grace Kelly. She dressed well, her make-up, nails, image, and form were what I felt I wanted to become.

Mompreneurs WW: What is the best part of what you do and the toughest?

Louisa: The best part is the satisfaction I get from seeing the girls laugh and have fun. When they realize how the small little tricks and products can help them through the struggles they face moving from a little girl to a woman. We laugh together, and we are serious together and the healthy balance helps the girls develop within themselves

The toughest part for me is honestly seeing the girls struggle with the new changes. I know that what I teach them helps a lot by guiding/mentoring them through this new transformation with a better understanding and more confidence because they have more control and respect for themselves.

It is for some a very trying and difficult time and it pains me to think that she might feel she has to do it alone. Being a teenager is really a condition – a brain and body thing and through the knowledge and fun approach #iheartME gives, they can feel more in control.

Mompreneurs WW: How many kids do you have and how old are they?

Louisa:Son – 9years old (starter teenager) going on 89 years old… old soul

Daughter – 6 years old and loves what I do (can’t wait to be a teenager herself to be able to do all the things I teach)

Mompreneurs WW: How do you juggle work and life balance?

Louisa: (with a vodka in 1 hand and faith in the other)

I take it step by step. One thing at a time, the rest will have its turn.

I love what I do (accept cooking) and even the times I would procrastinate rather than be mommy or business owner, I entertain it for a little bit (like paging through facebook and instagram) and move on to doing what I have too. I don’t beat myself up on stuff and remind myself constantly about my moto “always with no regrets”

In the difficult time I remind myself that “this too shall pass” (at times like a kidney stone) and in the fun times I celebrate all wins, no matter their size!

Mompreneurs WW: What’s a book you always recommend and why?

Louisa: Unstoppable by Cynthia Kersey is a great book for me. I got it from a friend I made when we both worked on Disney Cruise Liner and his note he wrote, inspires me to this day. I would like to think he saw something that I didn’t see then (yet). The book is not a massive seller and an old one, but I do love working through it every time, regardless

Mompreneurs WW: What advice would you give a Mompreneur who was just starting out?

Louisa: You know what: fear, self bulling, putting yourself down, not feeling good enough and doubting your capabilities will always try to knock you down. You know exactly why you want to do what you want to do, and you will be the one being the best at it because you are unique and strong and capable. Push through what’s holding you back!

Mompreneurs WW: Your favorite quote is…


“I cannot be without ME” (said by the famous, elegant, ever so gracious Louisa Burden)

“No obstacle had been too great for people who possess an unstoppable spirit”