Ladies, it’s about time you wise up

Ladies it’s about time you wise up and know what’s going on.

“My husband deals with it.” 

“I’m not interested in finances.”

“I’m not good with figures”.

Sounds familiar? Looking at your personal finances is not usually a popular task on the “To Do List” and yet your whole world revolves around it.

It is more common for us ladies to leave our partners to deal with this area of our life. Taking care of our business’ finances is already enough let alone looking at the family finances. It certainly is easier, after all, with kids to look after, household to take care, businesses to maintain and self to keep beautiful, where would we have the time to look at this too…..?

My answer, YOU MUST.

Now this isn’t about who takes care of this, or who makes the decisions around this or even who earns the money, it is about being AWARE of the financial plans made that effect you and your children.

There are three roles here.

1) Both of you are equally responsible and make all decisions together.

2) Your partner deals with everything, then discusses things with you so you can make a joint decision

3) Your partner takes responsibility and makes all decisions and then shares with you.

Either way KNOW what is going on.

My advice, go with option 1. Having both perspectives helps you to build the life you are both living now and want to live in the future. This is also a very healthy way of building a solid foundation for a long lasting relationship. It brings out both voices of what you want for your life, out in the open. 

Research shows that financial distress is the number one cause for separation and divorce. Relationship experts say that the main reason for separation and divorce is not knowing what your partner actually wants and what was important to them. By putting these two facts together, makes it incredibly important to build your wealth and financial freedom together and again by ‘together’, I don’t mean earn the income together, I mean create your life plan together. After all, we all know that men and women are wired differently hence think differently. My favourite quote “you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.” 🙂

So let’s look at the key areas we need to address. And ladies ask yourself do you know the answers to these? If not, then don’t worry, there is no time like the present. Get a piece of paper and start to write down a list of questions you need to ask your husband. Quickly get in the know.

  1. Protection

If your husband died, what life cover does he have? What plans has he made to ensure YOU and YOUR CHILDREN do not suffer financial hardship? Imagine if your husband died, (I know this is not a circumstance any of us wish to think about, yet I ask you to think about it for just one moment). What would be the impact on you and your children? Know which company the policies are with and the policy numbers. Know whom you need to contact in the event of. Would you know what to do regards financial planning? Please ladies, get in the know.

  1. Savings for the short term

What are the things you are saving for in the next 3 years? What plans are in place to be able to buy them? How can you access your money?

  1. Savings and Investments for the medium to longer term
  1. Retirement

Do you know what each other wants your life to look like in 10 years time? Kids? House? Children’s education? If you had children, how would you replace your income if you didn’t want to go back to work for a while? How are all these being planned for? Do you know who your plans are with and how to access them?

A what age do you no longer wish to have to work? What retirement plans do you have?

By looking at the above 4 key areas, understanding what you as a couple and family are doing about them, having the peace of mind they are in place, will keep YOU in the manifestation process of CREATING THE LIFE YOU WANT.

Ladies, it’s time to wise up to one of the most important areas, Wealth and Life Planning, as it dictates the life we live.


By Rasheda Khatun

Wellness & Wealth Expert, Kinesiology Practitioner
Rasheda has been inspiring thousands of people across the globe for over 8 years. With her corporate financial background, mastery in leadership & mentoring and her gained wisdom from healing herself from cancer, she has become a leading expert in personal wellness in the areas of financial wellbeing, increasing your vitality and KinesioCoaching.

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