Kristina Bagamery

Kristina Bagamery is the founder of GENEVA WOMEN CARE in Geneva, Switzerland. She is the mother of two. We had the pleasure of sitting down with her to learn more about her business and her personal life. Read the full story here:

Mompreneurs WW: Tell us about your company

Kristina: GENEVA WOMEN CARE is the alliance of a multidisciplinary team located in Geneva, Switzerland, offering patient-centered premium care for women.

We provide a comprehensive range of female health services in a caring and interactive manner. Our Swiss Board-certified physicians focus on health management from preconception and fertility to pregnancy, labor & delivery, and specialize in complete care for all women, from adolescence to post-menopause. Our gynecologic surgeons are skilled in surgical technologies from minimally invasive laparoscopic to complex robotic surgeries.

We also provide plastic surgery and medical esthetics services. We provide Medical Conciergerie Services to fully organize medical journeys in Geneva, Switzerland. Our private medical concierge becomes a privileged partner of our patients/medical tourists, organizing their medical appointments tailored to their health needs, from check-ups to complex surgical interventions.

The patient needs tranquility during her hospitalization and needs to know that her accompanying family members are cared for. Our VIP tourist guide assists the patient’s family with various activities including arrangement of transportation, restaurant reservations, appointment for spa services, kids’ programs and travel arrangements for tours to local  events, city tours in Geneva and the nearby Geneva Lake region.

Mompreneurs WW: How did the idea of starting it come about and who inspired you?

Kristina: I have been working as Head of Medical Affairs at a Geneva-based private clinic where we had a high number of medical tourist patients. In the huge clinical structure our foreign patients had only a few intimate and personalized interactions with their attributed physicians and surgeons, and the clinic did not provide hospitality services for their families.

So the idea to create a smaller, family-sized and intimate health centre where each of our patients would get the chance to develop a privileged and personalized relationship with their doctors before and during their medical stay in Switzerland was born in my heart and in my mind. Also, I wanted to offer the choice for a combined medical and touristic experience for our patients and their families.

My scientific background in Women’s Health induced me to create a Women Care centre in a caring and multicultural environment, for ladies from all over the world.

Mompreneurs WW: What is the best part of what you do and the toughest?

Kristina: The best part of what I do is that I am caring for women of all nationalities and cultures, it is an honor for me to handle their health-related enquiries in a personalized and secured manner. It is wonderful to provide them with edgy and state-of-the art women health solutions.

The toughest is when we have to deal with severe diseases or with ladies who already underwent several previous unsuccessful treatment cycles, and we try to help them gain back hope and trust in view of a more successful future to reach their health goals.

Mompreneurs WW: How many kids do you have and how old are they?

Kristina: I am a mother of two great children, Mark who is 24, student in Communications in Geneva/Switzerland, and Elza 20 years old, 1styear law student at the University of Lyon/France.

Mompreneurs WW: How do you juggle work and life balance?

Kristina: I am reachable for our patients any time of the day, and everyday, if needed. My perfect life balance is between my passion in women’s healthcare and my passion for horses. My daughter has been a talented horse-rider, jumping with her horse Saxo de La Fosse until she left for her Law School in Lyon in September 2018. I was following her to every competitions, cleaning and grooming our horse with all my love and care. Since she left, after finishing my work, I pass to the stables every evening and spend time with Saxo. Horses are the best stress-therapy for me.

Mompreneurs WW: What’s a book you always recommend and why?

Kristina: I have read Tolkien’s trilogy The Lord of the Rings at least ten times….with quite a bit of lessons to learn:

  • Be Courageous. As Tolkien wrote, “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”
  • The World Needs Hospitality. In The Lord of the Rings the elves are constantly opening their doors to travelers in need. Even the Ents, the walking trees, find ways to welcome guests when they pass through their forest.
  • Fellowship/Friendship is More Valuable Than Any Treasures.As Thorin said, “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above horded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

Mompreneurs WW: What advice would you give a Mompreneur who was just starting out?

Kristina: For my own start-up, and for all the starter Mompreneurs, I can cite the advice from the Women of The Scout Guide – “Put Your Heart in Your Mission!”

Mompreneurs WW: Your favorite quote is…


“Everything happens for a reason.” Here is how it looks like in Tolkien’s Elvish language: