Houda Naji

Houda Naji is the founder of Younoh Media in Dubai, UAE. She is the mom of two. We had the pleasure of sitting down with her to learn more about her business and her personal life. Read the full story here:

Mompreneurs WW: Tell us about your company.

Houda: We create digital marketing strategies that align your business objectives with your target audience on platforms ideally suited to growing customer consideration, engagement and trust.

Our campaigns identify where potential customers hang out, what they care about and how to chat to them. It’s a constantly evolving strategy, shifting emphasis in line with audience opinion.

We offer web design, social media, branding and training services.

Mompreneurs WW: How did the idea of starting it come about and who inspired you?

Houda: I was working in the IT/Telco industry in sales and marketing and identified a market gap. They were either very expensive agencies that are good at what they do or small ones that haven’t got a clue of what needs to be done. So I decided to take the jump and create an agency to help SME and startups who can’t afford big agencies.

Mompreneurs WW: What is the best part of what you do and the toughest?

Houda: The best part would be seeing my clients very happy with the results and sticking with us for years because they all come to us with a bitter taste in their mouth.

The toughest is to convince them that we are different and that we will get them results.

Mompreneurs WW: How many kids do you have and how old are they?

Houda: I have 2 little Girls: Sofia , 11 my little princess and Julia 7 my little cheeky monkey.

Mompreneurs WW: How do you juggle work and life balance?

Houda: Since having my own office, I have the luxury to bring my kids to work with me when I need too. It really made a big difference to have the ability to spend more times with them and my husband, however sometimes you do work more and get to spend less times with them but as long as you are conscience of it you can create that balance.

Mompreneurs WW: What’s a book you always recommend and why?

Houda: Who moved my cheese ? as change is the only constant thing in life.

Mompreneurs WW: What advice would you give a Mompreneur who was just starting out?

Houda: Don’t listen to all the negative voices even the ones in your head, just get started and have the will to make it happen, and it will.

Mompreneurs WW: Your favorite quote is…

Houda: If you are going thru hell, keep going, Winston Churchill

And he is so right as there will be an end to every negative experience you are going thru as nothing last forever.

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