The 3 Fundamental Mindset Disciplines Even Before You Start Financial Planning

So before you begin the strategic journey of financial planning, you have to do the internal reprograming first.  Understanding your current beliefs around money and why you actually want what you want then installing all of that in your mind and body will help you vibrate to attract money not repel it.

There are 3 essential mindset shifts that will have you ready and positively programed to design and create the life you want to live. Robin Sharma said, “Everything happens twice, first in the mind and second in your reality.”

Money Discipline 1) Know you are at choice

Your past or your present does not determine what your future looks like, it is only the decisions you make from now. It’s time to get into the drivers seat of your life and say yes to what you want not what you don’t want!

Sometimes, you may feel your choices have been made for you by parents, teachers or your boss. Maybe you feel that you have not always been in control and perhaps you were not. But from this moment, you need to choose for yourself. You must make the decisions about your own life. You need to become acutely aware that it is you who controls how you react to whatever happens from now on.

Before you go any further, you must accept that you are the only maker of your choices. Choosing to be financially free is a choice you can make. Being aware that everything is possible if you choose it, opens you up to fully receiving. This
is the mindset you need to begin with.

Money Discipline 2) Have a prosperity consciousness

Many people have developed a lack mentality when it comes to money. The “never have enough” mindset. Know that whatever you focus on, energy follows and brings it straight back to you. So when you think you don’t have enough, then you will only be able to see where you don’t have enough so the same pattern of not enough will just keep repeating. It’s that simple! So when you focus on prosperity and abundance, you will see more and more of where this is true in your life and this pattern will keep repeating. From a state of positivity you can make clearer decisions to bring you the outcome you want.

Examine your own negative thoughts and beliefs around money so you can create a new positive and prosperous language. Say things like, “my income is always increasing”, “I am grateful” or “I prosper wherever I go.

Money Discipline 3) Know what you want

Ask yourself questions such as: What does financial independence mean to me? What will freedom feel like? How do I wish to live my life? What choices do I want to be able to make? Do you want to buy a new house? Do you want to afford to send your children to a university of their choice, to be able to retire early, to have money to start your business?

Many people do not plan for their future because they don’t have a specific goal in mind. They just meander along, directionless. This in itself is not a problem, except that at some point, they will make their minds up and realize that they do have a goal but now have only a little time to plan and save for it. As the saying goes, people don’t plan to fail, most just fail to plan. Wouldn’t it be easier if you were in a position of choosing which home to buy or which university to attend, knowing that you had the money to pay for it? The solution is to save now for financial freedom and then ‘worry’ about what to spend it on later. With a little forethought now, you’ll never have to compromise your current lifestyle to pay for something ever again because you will always have the money for it.

So, what are the choices you want to be able to make? Take a pen and paper and write at the top of the page: “The lifestyle I will live.”

By Rasheda Khatun Khan

Wellness & Wealth Expert, Kinesiology Practitioner
Rasheda has been inspiring thousands of people across the globe for over 8 years. With her corporate financial background, mastery in leadership & mentoring and her gained wisdom from healing herself from cancer, she has become a leading expert in personal wellness in the areas of financial wellbeing, increasing your vitality and KinesioCoaching.

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