Financial Distress is the Number 1 Cause of Divorce. How to plan your finances together so you are NOT contributing to the statistics…

Scary and yet true. Financial distress is the number one cause of divorce. Financial distress is actually the number one cause of I’ll health too.

Just think about that for a second. Scary isn’t it? Yes I think so too.

A couples financial affairs greatly impacts their relationship and if it’s not right, they will find their relationship hard and if not fixed could quite possibly break up the marriage.

So how is it we can avoid such statistic.

First, understand that your financial affairs matters. And make no mistake it IS part of your relationship.

This is important to know, as now you can make a choice, to choose that financial problems will not be the cause of hardship in your marriage.

So again, how do we not fall under this statistic. Im going to use that word again… “Simple”. And yes it is! The art is always in the doing!

Back to simple, there is only one thing you need to do:

Both of you be involved.

Make decisions together. Understand what your financial situation should look like for each of you. This is a great exercise for all couples. Sit down one day and talk about how you each wish your life to look like and how each of you can contribute. Understand and work out what each of your roles are in your financial future. Agree on what to spend money on and what to save for. Make decisions together.

What you are doing here is creating an open and honest dialogue and without judgment, around the money between you and in your family and the money you are wanting to create for your future.

Just re read that. It’s important.

By designing your alliance (how to be with each other) around money, will keep you both at an understanding and away from blame. It is blame that causes the distress between the couple and making assumptions of each other. So don’t do this. Build your alliance around money between you.

A lot of couples tend to end up with the husband making the financial decision and the wife not getting involved. It’s ok with allowing one of you to make the decisions, the only danger is, if the other partner is not involved at all. What happens if something happened to one of you? Don’t you think you should know where everything is or what it is? Yes absolutely. So be involved.

Don’t contribute to the statistic. Be at choice.

By Rasheda Khatun Khan

Wellness & Wealth Expert, Kinesiology Practitioner
Rasheda has been inspiring thousands of people across the globe for over 8 years. With her corporate financial background, mastery in leadership & mentoring and her gained wisdom from healing herself from cancer, she has become a leading expert in personal wellness in the areas of financial wellbeing, increasing your vitality and KinesioCoaching.

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