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Picture a day in your life when you badly needed an extra push to get through the day and you’ve got barely any drive to make it work. How about imagining your ultimate personal, family, and business goals waiting around the corner and you find it hard to make things happen. 
We always set our goals based on a timeline, and we rarely monitor another metrics which in my opinion is even more important than time, our Energy. 
Everyone has dreams of success in personal journey, and our success doesn’t rely solely on our talents, skills, and inspirations but also on our capacities to take action and make everything we want possible. 
When you become aware of your energy level and you consciously invest in it, you will see the effect of it in all the areas of your life, from your business, wellbeing and relationships. 

In this podcast episode, I give an in-depth talk of what I learned from years of research on how we can optimize our energy and use it as a tool to find the fuel that will help ignite our aspirations into reality. To tell the truth, rest and giving yourself breaks is also part of the energy optimization, we can’t keep on running around without refueling ourselves. 
A lot of people feel emotionally drained this year and it is essential that we invest in our overall energy level to compensate for the loss of emotional energy. 
Learn more about the 4 layers of energy in this episode: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.
I also share tips for each layer and we’ve also created a free guide for you to identify the top Energy Boosters as well as Energy Wasters.

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  • “There is a saying that the person with the highest energy always wins.”
  • “The biggest asset in your life is your energy, protect it well, that’s your most important role. Your time during the day is limited, but your energy is limitless. You can achieve a lot more in those 24 hours when you invest in your en ergy.”
  • “Your energy determines your outcome in life. When you waste your energy on small things that don’t matter, you cannot create extraordinary outcomes.


[2:28] We have full control over our decisions

  • We make dumb decisions throughout the day such as what we eat, how often we move our bodies, our discussions during the day, whom we surround ourselves with our habits, and a lot more. We take control of that.
  • But when we decide and take our roles to prioritize our energy, we automatically become more efficient and achieve our goals faster. 

[6:10] Emotions are like muscles (Physical Energy)

  • The more we exercise control, the more easily we can consciously handle them. And that we should put in our minds that emotion is power.
  • We always have a choice to make. And we can choose to get angry in simple circumstances and let that situation waste our energy. Or we can see beyond that there might be an inner battle that a person is going through, let them stay in their own bubble and move on, keep our energy at par.

[7:16] The Pyramid of Energy (Emotional Energy)

  • The pyramid of energy comprises of four-levels from the bottom to the top, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, these layers are equally important as these are the determining factor of our energy levels.
  • The emotional layer is the most challenging one, our energy is a treasure and we must not waste it, not for anyone else but for ourselves. Surround ourselves with people who inspire and motivate us. We have full control over choosing your tribe, those people who share the same values as ours.

[16:31] Ways to grow and increase your energy (Mental Energy)

  • We must be constantly committed to learning every single day. We’re not in competition with anyone in this world, but to the person that we were yesterday. The goal is to make sure that we’re becoming a better person, growing every single day.
  • Our mind is always active, which makes it hard to focus and concentrate on one activity at a time. Let us all make a conscious decision to feed our minds with empowering and inspiring information rather than time-wasters so we can focus on one task at a time.

[19:26] The last level of the pyramid ( Spirituality)

  • Spirituality means that we are driven by motivation and passion to do good in our lives and lives of others, to help, to unite, and to care. This also means being able to live in the present moment free of the shame and the guilt of the past and wars of the future.
  • No feeling in this world can replace a feeling of inner fulfillment and inner peace, which can be achieved by investing in this layer. 

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Thank you for joining me on today’s episode. I really hope that from this day onwards, you will give value to your limitless energy and be more committed to nurturing your own pyramid. Remember to treat your energy the same way you treat the battery level of your mobile devices because you too, deserve a full energy level to make all things in your life possible. If you enjoyed listening to this episode please head over to iTunes, Google Podcast, and Spotify to give us a review, and please subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode.

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Happy listening. I’ll see you at the next one!

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