E29 – Easy Mindset Hacks for Business Growth

In this episode, I’m joined by Melissa Froehlich, a sought-after business strategist, mentor, and mindset coach. She works with established entrepreneurs ready to grow their teams, optimize their systems, and scale their businesses.

She also loves to coach women on how to grow profitable online businesses of their own. She launched her signature coaching and mentoring program in 2019 focused on helping other virtual assistants and online business managers up-level their services and reach more of their ideal clients.

Melissa shifted from an employee mindset to an abundant CEO mindset which helped her scale her business to greater heights. She now spends much time with her daughter and is able to show up fully for her business while working fewer hours.

Listen in to learn the importance of changing your mindset around setting up working systems for your business to scale.


  • “Once I realized the importance of the mindset component, that’s when things really started to scale with much more ease in my business. I started paying attention to doing more business and digging deeper and I realized I didn’t have to hustle as hard when I could work on my mindset.”
  • “Growth mindset means clarity and really doing a lot of introspective work as well, based on the learnings from everything that we do.”
  • “Those tiny shifts when you identify something that’s powerful to you will take you so far down that journey of uncovering how to step into a better mindset.”


[5:45] Why is mindset important for business owners

Melissa explains how she realized the benefits of the mindset component in scaling business. She now helps people understand that it’s not their experience, the need for more certifications, or skillsets that’s holding them back, but the unrecognized beliefs they have about their abilities.

[6:56] Defining a growth mindset

A growth mindset is one that can learn anything and always has room for improvement. It is about always learning from your experiences and shifting the way you approach everything that comes to you. Learning not to say yes to everything and instead evaluate whether the opportunity is going to serve you well in your business.

[8:53] The difference between the CEO mindset and an employee mindset

Transitioning from an employee mindset to becoming your own boss is hard. A CEO has no limit to their success while an employee’s limit is dictated. A lot of limiting beliefs come in when you start embracing the CEO mindset. There’s a lot of work that has to be done to shift the CEO from the employee mindset to an abundance mindset. Melissa gets into the root curse of whatever is holding the CEO back.

[12:37] The importance of creating systems in your business and working with a team

Systems allow the business owner to remove themselves and the business to still function, grow, and scale. Look at what is taking much of your time and find a right-hand person to help you with the operations. Document the process of things that you do, to know what you need to outsource for or delegate to one of your team members.

[15:51] Tips on how to do it all

Melissa explains how she improves every day by setting aside time to work on her business. She’s also always identifying limiting beliefs and working towards isolating them. Be aware of when impostor syndrome pops or is triggered and be prepared for it to combat it before it takes you down a spiral. Melissa believes in journaling and affirmations and recommends it to others. She also encourages forming a community and being accountable.

[26:57] What’s Melissa’s daily routine as a mom and an entrepreneur

She starts her day at eight o’clock and gets done at 2 o’clock and has an efficient team that works hard to combat any fires. She has clear boundaries with her clients so they know when she’s accessible and when she’s with her daughter.

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