E28 – Rockstar Business Systems: Architecture & Setup


In this week’s episode, I am joined by Oxana Romanyuk, founder and CEO of Remote Rockstars, a company that offers high-end online business management and professional virtual assistant services to visionary entrepreneurs, industry experts, and coaches.

Oxana has always been rooted in providing services, nurturing clients, and serving them through her business expertise and knowledge. She loves seeing entrepreneurs bring their demands and big ideas to life by being the support and the backbone that they need. This passion gave birth to Remote Rockstars that lives for the purpose of helping entrepreneurs systematize and grow their businesses.

Now, Oxana is a Certified Online Business Manager and a member of the International Association of Online Business Managers and the Association of Virtual Assistants.


  • Compassionate leadership is something that we practice very actively within our team and that is something that we ultimately pass on to our working relationships with clients within them, within their business, and their team.
  • Mindful leadership stems from the fact that we just never know what happens on the other side of that web camera, or on the other side of that microphone. And because we are in this remote workspace, it is okay to show our human side and sometimes be patient and compassionate depending on something that might be happening with a team member.
  • I feel like the way how we actually approach any new relationship with our clients is that we first always focus on the IPAs, income-producing activities, something that really moves the needle in the business, and something that they can definitely do to sustain the business.


    [3:23] The role of an Online Business Manager

    • For Oxana, an Online Business Manager is the one who keeps their hand on the pulse of your business, the OBM is responsible for project management and making sure that everything is done on time. Team management is also a responsibility of an OBM, making sure that every team member is performing to their best abilities.

    [11:50] Remote Rockstars Typical Client

    • Most of Oxana’s team clients are digital entrepreneurs, running six, or seven-figure businesses, the team also caters to business owners who consistently roll out new programs that need launching supports, making sure that their marketing efforts pay off. Most of them are coaches from a variety of areas and industries.

    [13:35] Characteristics of an Online Business Manager

    • In Remote Rockstars, leadership and confidence in the field of expertise come first, it followed by the skill to anticipate and give out recommendations before a business owner prompts an OBM because those are the keys that create a sense of security and trust with the business owner. And then another thing that their team cultivates is the attitude of being patient and compassionate since they are a team working remotely around the world.

    [18:28] Technical skills and the tools that an Online Business Manager use

    • What is deemed important for an OBM is to keep in mind the actual nature of a client’s business, may the client be in the coaching business or e-commerce space, an OBM should understand the operation. The tools that Oxana’s team is using are in a long list, depends on the client’s needs, they use Asana, Kajabi, MailChimp, and Flodesk for email marketing, even Social Media Platforms to simply organizing through Google Drive and a lot more.

    [29:19] For aspiring Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager

    • Family should always come first, most of the Remote Rockstars team members are actually moms and there is not even a question for them, showing up to internal team meetings, maybe with a baby on their lap, taking care of the baby on the side, and being disrupted from time to time is not something her team can be discriminated. So starting your own business, then assembling your own client portfolio of clients will actually respect and also relate with the value of the family coming first.

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