E27 – How to Become a Profitable Podcast Manager

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Lauren Wrighton, a mompreneur and podcast strategist who has helped female business owners launch chart-topping shows since 2017. She uses her expertise to help freelancers become profitable podcast managers in her course The Podcast Manager Program.

Lauren decided to quit her full-time job after becoming a mother and find a way to work from home and be a present mom. She later became passionate about podcasting after she and her friend started a podcast about fitness and health where she learned everything about podcasting from the backend.

Listen in to learn how you can become a podcast manager/ strategist from the comfort of your home.


  • “I don’t think very podcaster needs a podcast manager…there so many different types of podcasts and I divide it into two categories; there are people that have a podcast for hobby and there are people that have a podcast really associated with a business. And sometimes a hobby podcast turns into a podcast with a business…but if you’re doing it for fun maybe outsourcing and paying someone is just not appealing to you.”
  • “Whenever I’m able to strike a balance of being a present mom and also being my own human, that’s when I feel I’m close to having it all.”
  • “You do not need any experience to get started in this, you just have to take that first step, start learning, and you can definitely do this.”


[3:23] The role and characteristics of a podcast manager

  • Lauren explains what is entailed in podcast management which includes guest management, podcast production, and podcast promotion on social media. A podcast manager doesn’t require you to be a tech wizard but rather a creative person. Focus on what you can do and outsource on what you cannot.

[6:28] Who is Lauren’s course suitable for and how does she help her students become podcast managers

  • Lauren’s course is designed for current freelancers who are not sure what to specialize in and for people who want to work 20 hours or less a week. A brand-new manager can be referred to as a virtual assistant with specific skills that are for a podcast but you move into a strategist role of podcasting as you become an expert.

[11:55] What reason makes podcast management a great opportunity now

  • Podcasting is growing exponentially providing a wide range of opportunities. It is also a great for way for podcasters who are not willing to do all the backend work so they get to delegate those podcasting tasks. Podcast management is a flexible job, especially for mothers.

[16:33] How Lauren manages her time between her personal and professional life

  • Lauren finds it difficult to multitask with her children around and has found a way to sneak in some time during nap time and when her older daughters are at preschool.

[20:05] Lauren shares her favorite motto

  • She started with a motto of ‘done not perfect’ which she’s still applying right now. She didn’t wait until things got perfect to start because that way she wouldn’t have started. She has learned not to get caught up in how her work (course) looks like because either way things are going to change.

Connect with Lauren on:

Website: https://laurenwrighton.com/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/lwrighton

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurenwrighton/

Her Course: https://lauren-wrighton.teachable.com/?affcode=312350_kqvfuvhx

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Happy listening. I’ll see you at the next one!

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