E26 – Cheers To The Second Career Mompreneur!


In today’s episode, I am joined by Shannon DeSouza, a Mompreneur, Digital Marketer, Wife, and International Speaker from DeSouza on Demand – Digital Marketing Agency.

Shannon is an entrepreneur that has tremendous success in the field of business and technology. She is passionate about helping her clients through a modern digital approach to power-boost their pipelines.

She has over a decade of experience in the event and technology industries, with an extensive background in sales and marketing.

Shannon has recently been awarded as Connect Corporate’s Top 40 under 40 awards. In this episode, we discuss how she built her brand and her ways to bridge the gap between her personal and busy professional life.



  • “I became an entrepreneur because I believe if you have this dream, if you have this idea… jump, do it as early as humanly possible because otherwise, you’re just wasting time.”
  • “With all the suffering that’s happening in the world, in 2020, a lot of intuitive women are feeling like they need to arrive, and they need to help other people.
  • “I have this big mirror that’s right in front of our bed, and I wrote it there myself, it says positive mind, positive life, positive heart. And I had to remember to forgive what happened. And I had to be grateful to remember that, it’s okay that this happened and I’m letting go of it. And I’m remembering to be positive and grateful for that experience.”


[6:30] A tip when it comes to digital marketing and sales

  • Shannon went into sales and marketing on the corporate side where she learned from talented, and experienced people. She believed that sales are made up of confidence, and being confident is a mindset that we should be cultivating. A great tip: “when we decide to do something, we just have to be confident go for it.”

[8:30] How DeSouza on Demand team helps the client

  • Shannon’s team brings the essence of the entrepreneur into the digital footprint that their client has because her team knows that people do business with people they like. The clients that they are working with are the ones who are looking to level up, those who are looking to be one of the top-ranked websites, clients who are looking for results from social media presence, and even finding leads online.

[10:19] Shannon on learning the principles of sales and marketing

  • Shannon is a big believer in education, after finishing her undergrad degree in communications in business, she took up her masters in business, entrepreneurship, and technology where she gained a very strong foundation of the principles and practice of marketing. Alongside with that, she took up various certifications from HubSpot, Hootsuite, Salesforce to deliver the results for her clients.

[12:06] Shannon’s ideal market

  • Her avatar is a woman between the ages of 35 to 55. And she has a professional degree, she typically has a profession before and now transitioning to entrepreneurship, or she has been an entrepreneur for some time. Also, she’s not technically savvy, and she wants to do well online, but she doesn’t know-how.

[14:45] How Shannon manage her time between your personal and professional life

  • She uses mindset as a key, she has integrated her role as a mother and as an entrepreneur. She makes sure that her clients understand her mom duties, and having a supportive partner makes her business and motherhood at best possible.

Thank you for listening to the You Can Have It All Podcast, may this episode bring you the courage to go after the things that you want to happen in your life. No one said that it’s gonna be easy, but having enough willingness and confidence that you can make it someday, that alone is enough to keep you on your feet and make everything possible.

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