E25 – Knowing Your Worth in Business and Parenting

In today’s episode, I am joined by Cara Halber, an amazing Soul Clarity Coach. Prepare to be blown away by her principles that will help us bid goodbye to overwhelm while welcoming much-needed alignment into our busy lives so we can prioritize things that really matter in life.

Our guest for today coaches women to claim their core desires in order to solve health challenges, navigate relationships, career, and most importantly, to create a safe place to explore who they are. Her Clarity Coaching allows us, women, to show up powerfully as the person we want to be in this world.

Cara’s passion for Human Design began when she discovered that this modality not only explained herself better than anything she had previously encountered but also gave both practical tools and soulful insights. She uses the power of a person’s unique blueprint to give them a map, leading to their strengths and support to cross out the negative patterns that show up in their paths. She has coached hundreds of women, presented on the TEDx stage, and is a total lover of nothing more than a good cup of coffee and a walk with her husband and toddler.

Watch Cara as she graced the TEDx stage with “How Connection is the Key to Health and Happiness”

Value Bombs

  • “Sometimes it seems very counterintuitive what you do first in order to get more done and be more efficient. But I mean, we live in such a crazy culture of hustle and do it all and you can do it if you work hard enough and I really don’t believe in those things…. But it’s being willing to ask for support and ask for help. That I think is the first step.
  • “It’s about looking at the commitments that we’ve made that should  “improve our lives”, and move us forward but they’re not working. Do you need to commit to that? Can you just honestly scratch it off your to-do list and leave it or can you correct it?”
  • “I think that things can change in a moment when you are aligned. And sometimes the external results take a little while to catch up to you when you reach that “alignment”. Sometimes you see people who have these beautiful breakthroughs in life and in business or someone does something incredible like they run an Iron Man. But what we don’t see is those things that we’re so attracted toovernight success”. We’re attracted to the six-figure launch, we’re attracted to the Iron Man result. But what very few people share is this unsexy work and the discipline and the hours and the commitment that it takes to get there.”

Time Stamps

[7:20] The importance of connection in order to find that alignment in life.

  • In this fast-paced world, Cara believes that our expectations from ourselves are very high where we wanted to achieve a lot of things that we almost forgot the things that keep us grounded. When was the last time that we just sat for three minutes, and felt what your body felt like? When was the last time you had an experience just for the sake of having an experience? When was the last time you crawled on the floor to play with your kid and let everything else go  and put your phone away? We have forgotten to be intentional about it. And the thing with connection is that it comes so naturally to us that we don’t realize that we’re missing it.

[15:38] Establishing that alignment between mind body and soul that result in effortless actions

  • There’s so much beauty in the journey, in the in-between, and we’re still going to be getting results during that time. It’s not so black and white. It’s not so flashy. But that’s where life is. And that’s what Cara is so passionate about, it’s this container for real life, supporting people as they go through the real-life day to day stuff, so that we grow through it. It’s this process of trial and error. And it’s really accepting that following that path is the beauty of being human. And these polarities of things being so challenging is as rewarding as being human.

[20:11] The things that happen that make one act from a place of unworthiness

  • It all boils down to self-worth, that we should have this huge bucket of compassion for ourselves and our journeys and where we are… This beautiful system called Human Design teaches us that most people have an undefined heart center meaning we have inconsistent access to knowledge that we are worthy of. It’s this practice of not feeling worthy, and practicing acting as if we are worthy. And what decisions would we make then what would we say yes to, what would we say no to, what would change. 

[26:51] The importance of setting boundaries in life

  • Setting boundaries are so important for our emotional and mental health. A boundary can be as simple as saying no and that no, is a complete sentence of that. And we don’t need to explain ourselves, we could just say no. Cara’s mentor once said that when we’re honest with someone, they can never be truly mad at us. So if we know and feel that something’s not aligned, if we don’t want to do something, we can say no. We could all say that’s not in alignment right now, that’s not a priority, we don’t have time in our schedules. Just because we have available time, that doesn’t mean that we have the capacity to do something. So it’s not filling every moment of our day with things it’s prioritizing rest.

[36:56] The power of 2 mins pause

  • The thing with 2 mins pause is that it’s easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do. And that’s where the work is, choosing to do it even though it’s easy, not choosing to do it, even though there are a million other things that you could be doing rather than having this purposeful pause. Even though it seems silly, those daily tiny things that add up to make profound exponential changes even if it’s just 2 minutes.

Thank you for listening to You Can Have It All Podcast, I really hope this episode sheds a light on our inner battles and that the answer lies through looking deeper into ourselves and the choices we make. If you enjoyed listening to this episode please head over to iTunes, Google Podcast, and Spotify to give us a review, and please subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode.

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