E24 – 5 Easy Ways To Create Consistent Revenue

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to look at your numbers in a more positive, more empowering, and with a bigger approach, there’s no better way for us to welcome you into our episode with the most anticipated guest Belinda Rosenblum. She is a CPA, and Money Strategist, her passions lie in helping women entrepreneurs ensure their businesses can survive and thrive during these crisis times.

Being a mompreneur can feel like riding in a fast upside-down roller coaster alone, no manual on how to maneuver things (how I wish we had), juggling parenthood, cashflows, while aiming for freedom, well no one knows better than Belinda herself who formed a system 5 Ways To Create Consistent Revenue on how we can be more accountable and comfortable on our numbers while enjoying the balance between our personal and professional lives.


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I would also like to see you inside the Creating CEO Mindset Workshop on the 10th and 15th of September 2020, let’s all say goodbye to Limiting Beliefs that keep holding us back.


  • “There’s actually a lot of shame out there for us to be willing to say that we want to be in business to make money. It’s almost like we’re afraid that our legacy or our impact will get tainted. But I want everyone listening right now to stop, that’s an old belief systems that don’t serve you.”
  • There’s nothing wrong with wanting to bring in more money into your household, to be able to afford some extra things, to create the freedom that you want, that’s when your business will actually thrive because the more money you’re making, the more people you are helping.
  • We get more of what we focus on. If we’re focusing on I’m not good at money, then we’re literally not going to have money come to us. So we’re very powerful magnets, and we have to be much more careful about how we are and who we are around money.


[6:38] Where do most business owners get stuck when it comes to making more money in their business…

  • Belinda used a scenario to further prove a point, business owners get stuck when we feel unappreciated and underpaid, it’s when we create the worst job for the worst boss where we barely get paid right.

[12:38] Creating that CEO mindset…

  • She will launch the CEO Mindset on September 10 and September 15. This includes the proper mind training from being an employee into stepping out as someone who has a CEO mindset so we can stop letting those limiting beliefs sabotage us; by learning how to release that underlying resistance, and really become the boss of ourselves and our business

[23:32] Mompreneurs Worldwide is so critical…

  • This is a very good elaboration for communities like Mompreneurs that it’s like, we can’t do it alone. No one likes to feel alone. Joining different memberships and courses feel like that growth mindset and always learning is so important because it helps to shorten our learning curve.

[24:30] Disastrous mistakes business owners making these days

  • She can attest that entrepreneurs don’t look much at profitability, a manifestation is by not taking the time to stop to see where the revenue goes. The first piece is to recognize what we are targeting. 

[32:22] How do my feelings about money and success get affected by the fact that I am a mom?

  • This is what we feel when we layer on mom guilt, about not spending the time with our kids that we are giving to our work. We kind of forget sometimes that it’s actually partly that we’re trying to make money to be able to support our kids and their hobbies and for everything to be even better. 

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