E22 – Empowering over 40,000 Kids with STEM

This episode is with an exceptional lady who is a true leader, with a strong why and a vision to make our world a better place by investing in kids and teaching them the skills they need for life.

Hadeel Anabtawi is a social entrepreneur in the children and girls’ empowerment field. She is a certified life coach, teacher’s trainer on interactive teaching methodologies and the founder of the Alchemist Lab in Jordan that she established in 2012 as a reflection of a market need.

The Alchemist Lab is a fun learning center that offers interactive learning experiences through different hands on experiences and stations as medieval lab, world map, mine, and engineering lab. All programs focus on building creative & critical thinking skills with focus on STEM.

The company’s mission is to empower children & youth with the future skills they need to compete in the workplace locally & globally. The company has reached more than 40,000 children from cities, less fortunate areas as well as the refugees camps.

Hadeel is a Vital Voices fellow and she has received many prestigious awards, including the WE Empower 2018. WE Empower is a global challenge for women entrepreneurs who leverage their businesses to advance UN Sustainable Development Goals. The award was received in the UN, NYC during the UNGA. She also received DVF international award 2019 for her leadership, dedication and commitment to empower young girls and women in Jordan.

She has also launched many other initiatives that empower children and girls in particular, one of which is “Go Girls!” a program that encourages girls towards STEM & scientific thinking. In addition, she launched a 10 minutes radio segment addressed to children called “Everything is possible” which aimed to address life challenges & empower children.

Hadeel and I met back in December 2019 for a few days while attending a workshop by Vital Voices in Portugal. To me, Hadeel has many traits of a true leader, she is very humble, extremely supportive, visionary and she holds a power that I believe comes from her mission to make change happen … It’s an absolute honor to know her and introduce her to you.

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Learn more about the Alchemist Lab:

Website: https://www.thealchemistlabacademy.com/

Facebook: Www.facebook.com/thealchemistlabkids

Instagram: @thealchemistlabkids


Stay in touch with Hadeel:

Instagram: @Hadeel_anabtawi

Twitter: @AnabtawiHadeel



Foundation: https://youtu.be/SV6lcFzd-b8

About Alchemist Lab: https://youtu.be/3ja7Mrvp5AM

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