E21 – Ancient Secrets for Managing Stress With Tai Chi

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a stressful year and managing our emotions during times like these require a lot of practice. We can’t really control some incidents in life, and it’s important to invest in our energy constantly to be able to manage unexpected situations when they occur.

In this week’s podcast episode, I have the pleasure of sharing my interview with Suzanne Jeffreys about the Ancient Secrets for Managing Stress with Tai Chi. Suzanne shares amazing tips on how to invest in our energy and be in charge of our lives, especially when incidents and trauma happen.



Suz mentions on her website, that T’ai Chi is a 1800 year old martial art famous for it’s beautiful flow and health benefits, including improved balance, increased range of motion, breathing technique and stress reduction.



I invite you all to start an activity that helps you to find alignment between your body, mind and soul. Tai Chi is definitely a great way to find that balance and start by downloading Suz’s Tai Chi Tips to Stress Less checklist here!

And click here to be notified as soon as her complimentary 5 Day Tai Chi for Beginners Challenge is open again. Coming soon!



More about Suzanne Jeffreys (aka Suz):

Suzanne us a Certified Nutrition Therapist, Tai Chi Instructor, Keynote Speaker, A successful serial mompreneur for 30+ years with 3 kids, 4 stepkids, and 7 grandies, so Suz knows how challenging it can be. She is passionate about helping overwhelmed mompreneurs create a healthier life/business balance so they stop trading their health for wealth and impact!

Learning how to manage stress and improve health naturally is a journey: with her signature Harmony of Body & Mind Method Suz helps her clients by designing personalized strategies, providing accountability and celebrating every small step.

Her services include private consultations (including meal plans, recipes, etc), virtual Tai Chi classes, wellness courses & workshops, keynote speaking and retreats. She has also partnered with the #1 natural nutrition company in the US to offer beyond organic nutritional products for those who want to fuel their bodies with the purest natural products that are safe, effective, and guaranteed.

Find her on FB at Tai Chi with Suz, and Healthy with Suz. and learn more at TaichiwithSuz.com.

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