E20 – Running a Traditional vs. Digital Business

I believe digital is the future, whether we use it in our businesses, education systems or politics …

Technology has made it possible for us to shift our way of thinking and have a larger impact in everything we do. I can’t imagine how business was done prior to email, internet and computers, it seems impossible, right? I believe that a few years from today, more companies will pivot to run digitally as well.

As you might already know, we pivoted Mompreneurs Worldwide from a traditional business, organizing events, meet-ups and in person trainings to a digital business with digital courses and a membership.

In this episode, I explain how we went through this transition and the pros and cons of running a digital business.

There are definitely differences between running a traditional vs. a digital business. From the technology you use, marketing strategies, your team and even your mindset. I share my experience with each of these elements of running a business and the learning journey that we went through to pivot our business.

Learn more about our membership, Mompreneurs Tribe and join the community of like-minded women entrepreneurs from all around the world here.

Happy listening!

  • Hadeel Aug 7, 2020 @ 3:00

    I think this is a great episode. Can’t wait to hear more about your marketing tips.

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