E19 – Why I Started Mompreneurs Worldwide

I started my entrepreneurial journey 10 years ago in France, worked on a few brands in Dubai and pivoted our business when we moved to Canada…

So it’s been quite a journey and I learned something new about myself with each brand and learned the difference between running a business and having a mission in life with Mompreneurs Worldwide…

There are many factors that determine the success of any business and the top three factors are: Talent/Skill, Passion and Market.

But there is a fourth factor that turns your business into your mission, and that’s your Impact.

This concept is illustrated beautify in IKIGAI, the Japanese word for “Reason for Being”.

When you put Impact in the frontline of what you do, things start shifting and your business becomes something bigger than you and your bottom line.

The impact usually comes from a personal experience, a pain that you go through personally or you become aware of it around you, so you decide to do something about it …

I faced many challenges when I became a mother and started our first business in Dubai in the same year in 2011. The never-ending list of responsibilities as a mother, wife and entrepreneur.

I lost myself …. I lost my identity and I was about to lose my dreams.

Millions of mothers face many challenges on a daily basis that we don’t hear about, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

Suffering silently is one of the most difficult challenges I went through and after working and knowing thousands of mothers, I know I was not the only one.

At Mompreneurs Worldwide, we believe that empowered mothers raise empowered leaders and one of the best ways to empower mothers is through entrepreneurship. It’s not the only way but it’s one of the best ways …

Entrepreneurship is a tough journey, and mixed with motherhood, sometimes feels like an impossible route. But mothers actually make great entrepreneur as the skills between running a business and raising a family compliment each other …

Learn more about our membership, Mompreneurs Tribe, to join a community of like-minded mom entrepreneurs from across the globe: www.mompreneurstribe.com

This topic is very close to my heart, it’s the reason I do what I do and the reason my business doesn’t feel like work.

I explain in details the reason I started Mompreneurs Worldwide and I hope the message and our Why resonate with you. I’d love to know your thoughts, have a listen and share your experience with me.

Happy listening!




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