E18 – Climate Change is a Reality

Climate change is an important topic now, more than ever… but do we really understand the depth of the matter… I believe we would act differently if we knew the importance and urgency of the situation.

This is an issue that is related to all of us … no matter where we live in this world, we get affected by the consequences of overusing and abusing the resources of planet earth.

There is a lot that we need to educate ourselves and our kids about in order to reverse climate change.

In this podcast episode, and as part of the Woman on a Mission series, I had the pleasure of interviewing another Vital Voices fellow, Daniela Pogliani.

Daniela is a conservationist, passionate about conservation, ecology, sustainable development and social justice.

She began her career in Europe, as a financial analyst but later moved to Latin America and discovered the magic of the Amazon and the Andean mountains. She is now devoted to protecting tropical forests and the lives of the people who call the home.  She believes everyone deserve to live in a fairer and greener world.  

Daniela holds dear to her heart the power of women’s leadership and is a Vital Voices (VVLead) fellow for women leaders, and a member of of VV100, a select group of one hundred of the most engaged and visionary members of the Vital Voices Global Leadership Network.

You can follow Daniela on twitter: @danielapogliani 

We talked about various topics in this episode with Daniela, from situations such as environmental refugees to tips on actions we can all take to be more responsible in taking care of the environment around us.

I also especially love how Daniela has raised her kids to be aware and conscious about the decisions they make to be environmentally friendly. After all, Empowered Mothers, Raise Empowered Leaders which is our why at Mompreneurs Worldwide. 

Have a listen and let me know which action you are going to take to do your part in saving our planet.

Happy listening!

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