E14 – How one woman is empowering children through education


It’s almost lunchtime as I write this post, and a lot of people are going to leave their desk and grab a sandwich and a drink for a quick bite before they get back to work. They are probably going to spend anywhere between $10 and $18 on that meal – and by the time they are done, they aren’t even going to think about it again. But here is something that can put that meal into perspective for you:

The $15 you just spent on lunch… it’s enough to send a young child to school for an entire month in Indonesia.

Hoshizora is a non-profit set up by Reky Martha and her co-founders while she was a student herself. She got her friends together and they would set aside a portion of the money they made doing little part-time student jobs to create an organization that would use those donations to help underprivileged kids in Indonesia go to school.

Today, she is a consultant, working in the field of strategic planning and change management. And I sat down with her to talk about the foundation she created; a self-sustaining nonprofit entity that is changing the lives of over two thousand children in Indonesia.

Listen to my interview with Reky and you will be just as moved and motivated by her stories as I was.

I can tell you from personal experience that the joy of being able to help a child, is incomparable to anything else.

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