E10 – Entrepreneurial Success Journey – Which stage are you at?


Let’s face it, calling yourself “an entrepreneur” is pretty vague, and I think that most of us need a little more structure to know exactly where we are along the journey. I’ve spent some time reflecting on this recently, and I came up with our Mompreneur’s Business Success Journey. I’ve outlined the success path that most of us fall on, from the very first time we consider starting our own business till the point that we consider ourselves a winner at the game.

I’ve divided this journey into 6 steps, and we go through them in detail in this episode of the podcast. In short, we have:

Explorer: considering becoming an entrepreneur.
Researcher: collecting all the information about the business you want to start.
Solopreneur: just started a business and working on it by yourself.
Entrepreneur: A little while has passed, the business is a bit larger now and not all the decisions rest on your lone shoulders.
Business Manager: You have a team now who handles various aspects of the business
Business Owner: You are no longer overseeing the general running of the business

I’ve put together a quiz that can tell you exactly where along the success path you are, and according to your position, offer some milestones and action steps to help you reach the next level.

Take the quiz and let me know the results! I’d love to know where in the journey you are at …

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