Doaa Tahboub

Doaa Tahboub is the founder of Luxe House ME in Dubai, UAE. She is the mother of two. We had the pleasure of sitting down with her to learn more about her business and her personal life. Read the full story here:

Mompreneurs WW: Tell us about your company

Doaa: Luxe House is fast growing regional agent of multinational premium brands. Formed in 2012, Luxe House is in the business of discovering, nurturing and delivering lifestyle with the sort of panache that the world’s most coveted brand names seek.

Mompreneurs WW: How did the idea of starting it come about and who inspired you?

Doaa: I was thrown into a major life challenge that disrupted my family’s wellbeing; in the meantime, my father’s business needed someone additional attention to grow its potential. I took a major leap of faith and moved forward with the challenge knowing that I didn’t have past experience in the distribution and luxury industry; instead, I was determined to turn this challenge into a sustainable opportunity.

My intuition and gut feeling were my biggest drive. Through various experiences, I engineered myself to trust the voices in my head & heart which helped me in moving forward with confidence.

Growing up, my dad was my biggest inspiration. I grew up seeing him flourish in his various successful business roles throughout his career. His fearless, risk-taking, entrepreneurial spirit are what encouraged me to pursue this opportunity the most.

Mompreneurs WW: What is the best part of what you do and the toughest?

Doaa: Best part of what I do is to create opportunities of employment amidst unstable economical times. It is also about finding team members who share your vision and believe in you. The company would’ve never reached thus far if it wasn’t for every small & big effort put in by every team member.

The toughest thing to me is constantly having to step out of your comfort zone in order to develop knowledge required to understand the mechanics of every department to run the wheel in motion effectively. To succeed in what you do, you must always be a chapter ahead to lead the business forward. Which often requires engaging in knowledge empowering platforms, such as seminars, workshops, classes, networking events, etc.

Entrepreneurs live on the edge of immense profit and total loss and need to change constantly and adapt to the ever changing market trends to survive and make profits as well. One can only do that if he/she has a natural sense of responsibility, leadership, & constant wiliness to evolve & improve.

Mompreneurs WW: How many kids do you have and how old are they?

Doaa: I have one daughter (8 years) & currently expecting our second child, due in January.

Mompreneurs WW: How do you juggle work and life balance?

Doaa: The presence of a solid support system is very important.

I also rely a lot on the practice of being happy; be it through praying & meditating, surrounding myself with positive people, or through engaging in some R&R activities.

Sometimes taking a break is the most productive thing you can do. It re-energizes and clears your mind, acting as both a mental and physical reset. For me, taking short breaks is a chance to regain motivation and clarity for the season ahead.

Mompreneurs WW: What’s a book you always recommend and why?

Doaa: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries & Start with Why by Simon Sinek are two amazing books providing entrepreneurs the insight they need to make it on their journey.

Mompreneurs WW: What advice would you give a Mompreneur who was just starting out?

Doaa: First, is your idea compelling?  Does it address a current or future market need?  You must be excited about the potential and that passion needs to be conveyed confidently throughout your journey.

Next, be prepared to work hard.  I love the excitement and risk taking involved with startup organizations, but it often requires long hours.

One final thing is building your support system. Surround yourself with people who believe in your upcoming mission and are readily available to extend a helping hand.

Mompreneurs WW: Your favorite quote is…

Doaa: Whatever doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.

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