Our Children Need to Learn to Be Independent if they are to Succeed in the Future Economy

Teamwork can be an incredible thing and is a vital skill for any well-rounded person. However, independence shouldn’t be overlooked either. Equally as valuable as teamwork, independence is a skill that should be taught early and fostered for life.

Being independent doesn’t mean never working with others nor does it entail changing your personality. Being independent means being self-motivated, confident in yourself and ultimately, developing a different world view.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing why it’s important to educate children on independence from a big and small picture view.

The Micro Perspective

Let’s talk about character development. Learning to be independent can yield a lot of great results, with the two biggest ones being confidence and self-motivation. The opportunities that open up when these skills are developed are invaluable.

When you have to rely on yourself to complete tasks, there is a degree of failure and strengthening that creates confidence over time. The earlier this weathering process begins, the more time kids have to hone their boldness, creativity and resilience — their confidence.

Learning to work on your own at a young age creates a mindset of self-sufficiency and inherent motivation. Like an internal engine, this unique motivation propels and withstands downfalls and triumphs because it isn’t provided from an outside source. When it comes from the inside, motivation only depends on you, not your environment so it isn’t easily shaken. It’s a type of discipline and can be a powerful thing that translates into hard work, good stewardship and goal achievement.

The Macro Perspective

  • As of 2019, studies show that around 70% of workers skip the commute and work remotely at least once a week.
  • In a study of 1,000 managers, it was found that 69% allow members of their team to work remotely with an estimated 2 out of 5 members working remotely full-time in the next few years.
  • It is predicted that over 1 billion jobs will be lost to automation by 2022 with a large amount of them being replaced by freelancers and contractors.

What do these studies say about the future of work?

These are just a few examples we can use to see where the world is heading. From online shopping to working entirely from home, independence is quickly becoming one of the most valuable traits you can possess.

With an economy built in the digital space, more remote opportunities are opening up as the world becomes increasingly connected. Most of those opportunities exist to replace what cannot be automated. However, naturally, with remote work comes the need for higher levels of independence.

How to Teach It

Children are naturally dependent, from birth into adulthood, they learn behaviors from those around them. So, the easiest way to instill independence is to lead by example with a few coaching tips here and there. Allowing kids to make decisions, having them research to find the answers to their questions and encouraging self-study are just a few tactical ways to help kids practice independence.

As the world evolves, so should our understanding of the future and what it means for our kids. As time goes on, it’s likely that whichever career field they choose to go into, they will face having to be more independent than their predecessors. By allowing kids room to practice this healthy independence, they will ultimately be better equipped for the future of work.

By BizWorld UAE