Tackling Debt As a Couple

As many of us understand, debt can become an emotional and very overwhelming subject to tackle and to then add a partner to the equation really fuels those feelings more. As many of us also understand, planning financially together helps couples stay together and this is not only for the flowery stuff like short and […]

Financial Distress is the Number 1 Cause of Divorce. How to plan your finances together so you are NOT contributing to the statistics…

Scary and yet true. Financial distress is the number one cause of divorce. Financial distress is actually the number one cause of I’ll health too. Just think about that for a second. Scary isn’t it? Yes I think so too. A couples financial affairs greatly impacts their relationship and if it’s not right, they will […]

Ladies, it’s about time you wise up

Ladies it’s about time you wise up and know what’s going on. Knowing what’s going on in your husband’s wallet too “My husband deals with it.”  “I’m not interested in finances.” “I’m not good with figures”. Sounds familiar? Looking at your personal finances is not usually a popular task on the “To Do List” and […]