Big Corporations Taking Small Steps: Worth Applauding?

“The following article published by Founding Mothers Group” In our fourth Founding Mothers blog post we talk to Joanne Sonenshine, the Founder + CEO of Connective Impact, an advisory firm aiding organizations in addressing social, environmental and economic development challenges using partnership strategies. Joanne is a development economist, as well as mother of two boys and the author […]

When Motherhood is Inseparable from Business

“The following article published by Founding Mothers Group” In our ongoing series of interviews with Founding Mothers, we spoke with Olayinka Credle, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Melanin Essentials. Her entrepreneurial story is entwined with her motherhood one. From single mom undergraduate with a dream to a fully fledged business owner and dynamic Mother of three, hers […]

CEO of All Good Brand on Taking Smart Risks to Build a Good Brand

“The following article published by Founding Mothers Group” Since posting my first interview on this blog, Confessions of a Founding Mother, I have been laying the groundwork to connect more ‘Founding Mothers,’ particularly those in the B Corp world. Ahead of International Women’s Day I reached out to Caroline Duell of All Good, hoping she would share her experiences as a […]

Confessions of a Founding Mother

“The following article published by Founding Mothers Group” Earlier this year, I participated in a panel discussion organized by AIGA DC titled Founding Mothers: A Conversation with Female Founders, which asked the question – Is starting and running a business really all that different for women? RoundPeg is, in many ways, typical of a Founding Mother enterprise, so […]

Tackling Debt As a Couple

As many of us understand, debt can become an emotional and very overwhelming subject to tackle and to then add a partner to the equation really fuels those feelings more. As many of us also understand, planning financially together helps couples stay together and this is not only for the flowery stuff like short and […]